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Amy Erin Blakely Hires Gloria Allred for Discrimination Suit (Photos)

Amy Erin Blakely has filed a suit against her former employer, the Devereux Foundation, for gender discrimination. Blakely, an Orlando, Florida resident, has retained Gloria Allred for representation in an unlawful sexual discrimination suit against for her 2009 termination. According to court documents, Blakely was unlawfully subjected to harassment and fired on grounds that she was too sexually appealing for promotions and her chest was "distracting."

Blakely worked for the children's mental health services Foundation for 13 years. During the course of her employment, was promoted to Assistant Executive Director. Blakely stated in a recent interview with L.A.'s FOX News, that she was subjected to "sexist and derogatory remarks" in 2008 by Senior Officials. The comments caused her shame, despite her professional appearance and behavior. Blakely filed former complaints with administers against her supervisors after she was informed her large bosom was "distracting" during meetings and caused male colleagues the inability to focus. Blakely insisted during the FOX interview: "I am a highly competent professional woman and I asked only to be judged on my merit. Instead, I seemed to be judged on my looks and the size of my breasts." Blakely enlisted attorney to the stars Gloria Allred to gain compensation and justice for her unfair termination.

Devereux has dismissed all claims and stated to the UK's Mail Online: "We have not received the formal complaint, which has apparently just been filed with the court today. Ms. Allred has, however, shared details of the allegations and we can tell you that they are purposefully inflammatory, and either spurious or twisted in content and context."

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