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Amy Winehouse Brazil Comeback Tour Stumble

Amy Winehouse kicked off her comeback tour January 8 with the first 5 concerts in Brazil with a stumble. Winehouse was well received before a huge crowd of fans with critics deeming the performance "generally positive" with just a few minor mishaps. Mid-concert, Winehouse attempted a few ballerina-esque dance moves, stiffly pirouetted on the stage, swaggered, and nearly fell on her face.

Winehouse was back on her feet in record time and wowed the crowd at the Summer Soul Festival with tunes like "Back to Black," "Rehab," and even Greenday's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams."

Rumors are swirling that while in Brazil, Winehouse not only breathed life back into her waning career but also landed a new beau: Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood. The pair were spotted walking the streets between concerts.

To see video of Winehouse's stumble, go here: YouTube

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