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Andrew Koenig Found Dead

Police in Vancouver confirmed that actor Andrew Koenig was found dead on Thursday at 12:00 p.m. CNN reported that Koenig, age 41, went missing on Feb. 14. Koenig's body was found in Stanley Park a heavily wooded, 1,000 acre forest. Tim Fanning of the Vancouver Police Constable, reported to the Associated Press that Koenig's cell phone and bank accounts had no activity since February 16th, 2010. Fanning also maintained that Koenig had sold or given away all of his possessions before leaving Los Angeles for Vancouver.

"There was a certain pattern of closing out things, giving away things," Judith, Andrew's mother admitted. She also said she was worried about her son's depressive state and detachment from friends. Koenig's parents, Walter and Judith, pleaded publicly on the Today show for information pertaining to their son's disappearance. The couple admitted to their son's "emotional problems" and projected "We think he's probably in a very depressed state." Walter also admitted that Andrew had been on antidepressants until a year ago.

Walter and Judith Koenig had a scheduled appearance Thursday with "Larry King Live" that resulted in the pair walking off set minutes before their interview after receiving an urgent call. It is speculated that the pair learned their son was dead minutes before the "Larry King Live" appearance.

Andrew followed in his father's footsteps with an acting career. Andrew starred on "Growing Pains" in his teens. Walter starred in the original "Star Trek" television series, playing the role of Pavel Chekov.

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