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Angelina Jolie Hopes to Support Education in Bosnia

A top official in Bosnia said on Saturday that Angelina Jolie is interested in supporting education and other projects to help young Bosnians and people who return to homes they left during the war.
Haris Silajdzic, the chairman of Bosnia's three-member Presidency, said after meeting the actress asked about ideas for projects she could support and they both concluded that "the absolute priority is education".
He said the UNHCR ambassador aimed to turn Sarajevo into a regional center of education.
Jolie last visited Bosnia in April to meet the 117,000 people unable to return to their homes even after 15 years since the Bosnia war ended.
The actress’ surprise visit to Bosnia on Friday also had other prospects in consideration for her: she said in a statement issued through UNHCR on Saturday that she planned to start shooting a movie in Bosnia in the autumn about a love story during the war.
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