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Anna Fermanova Russian Spy Hot Pictures

Anna Fermanova Russian spy has hot pictures.  The beautiful twenty four year old from Plano, Texas who emigrated from Latvia, is the latest beautiful woman accused of spying for the Russian government.

Fermanova was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officials on March 1, 2010.  Officials received an anonymous tip regarding Fermanova and quickly searched Fermanova's belongings at New York's JFK International Airport.  Officials confiscated Raptor night vision and advanced rifle sights hidden within Fermanova's Ugg boots.  Fermanova claimed she had purchased the equipment online, unaware of permit regulations necessary to own the equipment, and further claimed she was transporting the gear to her husband and friend in Moscow, Russia.   Officials then allowed Fermanova to continue on her journey to Moscow only to arrest her upon returning to the United States on July 15, 2010.  Fermanova has remained under house arrest within her parents' Plano home since the incident.

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