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Apollo Ohno Disqualified, Wins 8 Medals

Apollo Ohno was disqualified from the 500 meter speed skating race but earned 8 medals overall. The year old Seattle native was disqualified from the 500 meter competition Friday night for bumping into Canadian Francois-Louis Tremblay. This bump sent Tremblay skidding and Ohno was disqualified from earning the 9th medal. Ohno later anchored the 5,000 meter relay and helped the United States team to win the bronze medal in the Vancouver Olympics.

With his races finished, Ohno said “This has been the best experience of my life.” Ohno also reasoned that his disqualification from taking silver in the 500m race was “It doesn’t matter what I think" after his disqualification from taking silver in the 500 meter race. Ohno maintained the sentiment “the judge saw something we didn’t see” and “I thought I had the silver.” Ohno stated the bump was “nothing like they were saying.”

The 2010 Olympics held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada was Ohno's third experience participating in the Games. The 2010 Olympics may be Ohno's final Winter Olympics. Ohno was quoted as saying “Never say never,” in reference to retiring from speed skating. If Ohno does retire, he will be ending his career in the same place it started: Vancouver.

Ohno’s medal tally for this year is: one silver and two bronze this year, eight medals, career total.
Ohno holds the most Olympic medals ever won by an American.

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