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Apple Posts Record Earnings

For a time in our countries economy when down revenues are the norm and layoffs are all to common there is one company that continues to surge and surge on it did last Quarter. Apple posted record earnings.

"Apple reported on Tuesday third-quarter earnings higher than analysts had expected, but provided its usual conservative guidance.

Revenue came in at $8.34 billion, resulting in earnings of $1.35 per share. That's a 12 percent increase from a year ago, when Apple reported earnings of $7.46 billion and earnings per share of $1.19. " ~ via CNET

Apple is a company that has thrived on not only constantly staying one step ahead of the competitition but instead of focusing on the competition they have changed the economy in which they exist. I believe this is the key to companies that are doing well right now in the poor economy. Constantly focusing on changing their own economies and dominating their niches.

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