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Arizona Bus Crash Kills 6 Passengers

An Arizona bus crash has left six people dead and many others seriously injured. The accident occurred near Phoenix, Arizona on Interstate 10 South at 5:27 local time. State officials reported that the roof of the bus was crushed when the bus crashed head on into a car as it was en route from Los Angeles to Phoenix. The accident also involved two other trucks and many cars. The Arizona Department of Public Safety representative Ben Graves reported the Tierra Santa, INC bus was carrying 21 passengers at the time of the wreck. Two men and four women died on the scene as a result of the accident. Fifteen other people were seriously injured, with five victims airlifted to local hospitals.

Westbound lanes of Interstate 10 remain closed as rescuers, medics, and emergency personnel attempt to assist victims and clean up the wreckage. Witnesses claim the bus was "surrounded by debris' and severely damaged. An emergency site has been constructed on the highway to assist with victims and casualties.

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