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Arkansas 100,000+ Dead Drum Fish Wash Ashore

Arkansas officials are investigating a horrendous incident along a twenty mile segment between the Ozark Dam and the Highway 109 Bridge in Franklin County involving a massive amount of dead dead fish which washed ashore last week. Officials from the Arkansas Game and Fish Department dispatched an employee upon receiving a call from a tug boat operator who discovered the fish on the river along a bank and also along the river channel. Local and state agencies have joined forces to discover why the drum fish, typically a bottom feeding variety of fish, occurred. Officials report the magnitude of a fish kill of this severity is unlikely, though fish kills do naturally occur.

Investigators suspect an environmental pollutant is to blame. Many of the fish carcasses have been sent to the University of Arkansas for further testing. Fishing in the area where the drum fish washed ashore is still allowed. Clean up efforts at this point involve "letting nature take its course" per Keith Stevens of the Game and Fish Department. Stevens offered: "We'll have raccoon and birds and things like that...[that] will take care of it so there is really no clean up, it's really too big. It's contained along the river channel."

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