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Artist Creates Lady Gaga Patron Saint of Gulf Sculpture

Daniel Edwards, an artist, blended pop music's reigning champion, Lady Gaga, with the U.S.'s worst oil catastrophe to create the "Nude Lady Gaga As Saint Francis in Gulf Oil Spill Statue." Edwards also used leftover tar balls to form his sculpture for what he has rendered the "Patron Saint of the Gulf."

Edwards released an official statement regarding his latest masterpiece with:
"'Patron Saint of the Gulf,' which features Lady Gaga, is inspired by the blend of animal rights sentiment often displayed in the outlandish fashion worn by the illustrious performer, and the flagrancy of the BP oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. Lady Gaga, with the British Petroleum corporate logo at her feet, is depicted as a nude modern-day Saint Francis of Assisi as she embraces ailing octopi limply draping her outstretched arms, while gently caressing a pair of irate-looking frogs. Tangled in her trademark hair-bow is a globule-covered pelican struggling to fly away and saturated in BP crude oil collected by Edwards during his visit to the Louisiana Gulf."

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