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Audra Harmon Mom Tasered

Police Use of Tasers is a bit out of control. We have featured Police Brutality before. And in another real life story two children get to watch as sheriff's taser a mom for talking on the cell phone while driving.

"Audra Harmon, mother of two, had just picked up her 15-year-old son from wrestling practice. She was driving down a country road in Syracuse, New York, and was right behind a police car. (Obviously, she was following the speed limit, because she was following a cop.) But the officer turned off the road, allowed her to pass, and peeled out, siren blaring, lights flashing after the scared mom.

After a brief interrogation, the sheriff’s deputy tore the woman from the car. The kids got to watch as mom was tasered, handcuffed, and thrown into the back of the cop’s squad car.

What was her heinous crime? Take it away, Deputy Sean Andrews.

He originally cited her for “driving while talking on her cell phone” – but after Harman showed the officer that her phone was not within reach, charged her with speeding – doing 50 in a 45.

When the mom started to open her car door, out popped the taser. Zap! The kids got to see mom shake on the ground as 50,000 volts overloaded her nervous system. " via Rant Rave

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