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Australian Police to Start Checking on Unsecure Home Wireless Networks

It's great to go wireless and surf using wi-fi at home. That's why more and more consumers around the world are going for it. However, few of them are aware of the securtiy risks posed by an unsecured wi-fi network. Hijacking home wi-fi networks to commit cyber crimes is a rising phenomenon around the world and unsecured wireless networks is the primary reason behind such activities.

In a first of its kind, Australia's Queensland Police has decided to start on a mission to warn homes and business owners if they find their wi-fi networks to be unsecure. Detective Superintendent Brian Hay is worried about criminals using such networks.

"All unsecured WiFi networks out there are open for exploitation by the crooks and the average mum and dad don't understand the vulnerabilities," Detective Superintendent Hay said in a phone interview.

The police will search such open networks using laptops or handhelds, a process which is referred to as "wardriving."

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