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Beavis and Butthead Comeback Possible

Beavis and Butthead comeback is possible.  An anonymous source has dished that Mike Judge may be bringing the iconic 90's cartoon back to live.  Talks are in process for 30 new episodes of the animated satrical comedy.  There is no certainty regarding the timing of Beavis and Butthead's return to the silver screen but given Judge's sucess with King of The Hill, Office Space, and Idiocracy, the antics of the cartoon duo may reach a new generation sooner versus later.

Judge plans on using the same "ghetto tech aesthetic" and orignal "sketch video sketch" format as the original cartoon.  The only difference will be revamping the music with more contemporary tunes for the twosome.

Judge may unveil Beavis and Butthead via his personal website or an online partner if MTV fails to pick up the series again.  No matter the network, Beavis and Butthead are certain to reach an ever growing audience comprised of old and new fans.  Many people are more than ready to laugh at Beavis and Butthead's trademark controversial antics.


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