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Becky Wunder of Playboy Flashes Vernon Jordan

Becky Wunder of Playboy flashes Vernon Jordan on July 22, 2010.  The 75 year old politician attended a party thrown to honor his 75th Birthday at the Four Seasons Restaurant.  Fellow party attendees included financier/investor Donald Marron, editor/businessman Steve Forbes, and investor Felix Rohatyn.  Patrons dining in the restaurant and partygoers were stunned by Wunder's actions when she arrived at the party.  Wunder sang "Happy Birthday to You" in her best Marilyn Monroe impression and stood topless for over 30 seconds to wish Jordan a great day.  The restuarant apparently erupted in applause following Wunder's performance. 

Wunder Twittered the flash of her bosom on Friday, July and said "Page 6 today, watch out thats not gonna be that last time u will see me so stay tuned:)"  Wunder is a Playboy model who has posed in several photoshoots for the magazine. Additionally, Wunder works at Rick's Caberet as a massage girl within the strip club, and has made guest appearances on the Howard Stern Show.  Wunder also has her own cooking blog at 

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