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Bed Bugs Infest East Side Nyc Mall

Bed Bugs infest East Side NYC Mall.  The creepy parasitic insects were found in Victoria's Secret, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Hollister stores per reports from WLWT News 5. Customers were unaware of the infestation and may be contributing to the problem as many people carry the insects without even knowing of their presence.  Permakil Pest Control worker Ray Hardebeck told WLWT: "Restaurants, furniture stores, hospitals, doctor's offices, what else?  Name something and they could have bed bugs.  They are going to be all over, everywhere before it's all done with unless we get some pesticides, some insecticides that work.  That's not the merchants' fault.  The people ar einfesting those businesses.  Don't stop shopping.  There's nothing you can do about it."

Victoria's Secret representatives claim the infestation is an "isolated event."  Mall officials have exterminated the building and reopened, with the strict warning to inspect any purchased clothing and wash before wear.

Bed bugs are from the family of Cimicidae and feed on human blood and any mammal.  Bed bugs usually infest houses lurking within beds and common areas, and often strike at night when their victims are unaware.  Bed bugs are also called wall louses, mahogany flats, crimson ramblers, heavy dragoons, chinches, and redcoats. 

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