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"Being Pregnant Is Like Being Stoned" Per Kate Hudson

Thirty one year old Kate Hudson asserted in a recent EXTRA interview that "being pregnant is like being stoned." The former wife of Black Crowes' frontman Chris Robinson, actress, and mother to Robinson's seven year old son, Ryder, delivered this starting revelation while promoting her latest film: Little Bit of Heaven.

Hudson quipped "Being pregnant is wonderful. You do get the pregnant know what it's like? It's like getting stoned." Hudson should know, as she is in the midst of a second pregnancy with Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy. As for her second round of baby growing, Hudson claims to really enjoy the pregnancy (who wouldn't if the altered state benefits of carrying a child hold any truth?) and believes that she'll be delivering a daughter this fall compliments of a (hokey) "pendulum test." Hudson believes that her unborn child possesses her "family female lineage" and offered during the EXTRA interview "she's just wild in there, just dancing all over."

Perhaps the poor kid is just protesting her parentage and the messy, complicated world he or she will be delivered into. Whatever the case, the baby is one really lucky tiny tot who will be spending (at least) part of every year in Hudson's elegant London home purchased in February of 2011 and will remain close to his or her rocking daddy.

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