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Belgian Trains Crash, Killing 18 Plus

Two rush hour commuter trains crashed head on in Buizingen, Belgium, near Brussels at 8:30 a.m. on February 15, 2010, carrying over 250 people. The death count of fifteen men and three women could rise as passengers were trapped in the wreckage. Hambaoui Mounir was among the passengers. He described "The first two carriages were completely squashed. I was in the carriage right behind. The train fell to one side, people fell over each other, there was no air and women and children were screaming." Victims were transported to over 14 different hospitals. This was the deadliest train crash in Belgium's history since 1974.

In a press conference, Provincial Governor Lodewijk De Witte reported that a service train from Leuven went through a red light, perhaps because of snowy conditions, and collided with a express train going to Liege that was ten minutes behind schedule. Many train services were canceled from France to Britain including high speed services from Brussels to Paris and the Eurostar from Brussels to Britain.

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