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Bernie Madoff Has Cancer

Legendary Swindler Bernie Madoff has pancreatic cancer according to prison inmates. Pancreatic cancer is not a disease that is easy to beat and usually its one of those things that you go pretty quickly.

I hate to see anyone die of cancer, but I'm sure a lot of detractors are out celebrating this news today.

"Bernard Madoff, convicted of swindling $65 billion through the biggest-ever Ponzi scheme, has told fellow prison inmates that he is dying of cancer, the New York Post reported on Monday, citing unnamed prison sources.

Madoff, 71, who since June has been serving a 150-year sentence at a North Carolina federal prison, has been telling fellow inmates he does not have much longer to live, the Post said, citing the unofficial and unusual sources.

The Post said there had been speculation that Madoff was suffering from pancreatic cancer earlier this year. Inmates said Madoff was taking "about 20 pills a day" and "not doing very well." " ~ Reuters

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