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Bethenny Frankel Adorns a Bikini Post-Baby: The Secret!

Many celebrities are in shape again in a matter of months post their pregnancy period, but Bethenny Frankel has regained her figure in record time. According to the sexy photos of Bethenny Frankel adorning a striking blue bikini, the beautiful girl is back to sexy again in just three months after delivering a healthy baby girl, Brynn.
Bethenny Frankel appeared for an interview with Life & Style and revealed the secret behind her sexy figure. She stripped to an eye catching bikini to show off her new figure with renewed self-confidence becoming an icon of inspiration for moms-to-be who are worried about their pregnancy weight gain and the fact that its difficult to shed off.
According to Bethenny Frankel, she never really put on the final pounds customary in the 9th month because she gave birth a month early. As per the interview that appeared in Life & Style, Bethenny Frankel has really been watching her diet. The person who saw Bethenny Frankel in person reported that her body is all toned with a remarkably shaped tush!
Bethenny Frankel says that she tastes everything but eats nothing which explains why the 5 feet 6 inches tall skinny girl looks so radiant and amazingly fit!

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