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Beware of Salmonella Symptoms

 With the news that around 200 million infected eggs have been recalled, people are curiously searching for the Salmonella symptoms in order to ensure that their families are safe from the infection. The onset of Salmonella from contaminated eggs causes the consumer to experience extreme diarrhea and nausea. The symptoms of Salmonella poisoning are not fatal but going to a doctor is the best possible thing to do if you experience any of them.

The salmonella symptoms include vomiting, abdominal cramps, fever, headache and nausea and diarrhea. According to the research conducted by the US Center of Disease Control and Prevention, the typical symptoms of Salmonella last from 4-7 days and then the user recovers. Normally a person can recover without the help of a doctor or anti-biotic.

Although normal people can recover easily, it is expected that elderly people along with infants and those with impaired immune systems may take longer and are prone to developing further infections and complications.

The scary part about the Salmonella bacteria is that if it spreads from intestines to the blood stream and further to other parts of the victim’s body, it can also claim the person’s life. You should definitely watch out for any symptoms of Salmonella.


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