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Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels Was a Fat Kid

In the July 2010 issue of Redbook magazine, Jillian Michaels tells of how she was fat as a kid, sharing perhaps one of the only pictures of herself as an overweight teen that anyone has ever seen.

In the Redbook interview, Jillian Michaels shares that she weighed 175 pounds and “it was pure hell. I spent all of eighth grade in my classroom because God forbid I ever left. I was terrorized.”

Michaels says that karate turned her around, it “saved my life,” the tough trainer said. “It all stopped the day I broke two boards with a kick.”

Jillian Michaels now uses her fitness expertise on both The Biggest Loser and Losing It With Jillian, as well as having a variety of DVDs and books on weight loss and fitness.

Source: TV Crunch

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