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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation $100k Challenge: Reinvent the Condom

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation revealed their latest Grand Challenges In Explorations initiative: the March 4, 2013 offer of $100,000 to scientists, researchers, students, and entrepreneurs interested in reinventing the condom. The aim: to devise ways of getting more people to use the number one population control and disease preventing device on the market. This Round 11 grant program is based in the same philosophy of it's previous Challenges paired with the best that technology and cross can provide. With the goal "to overcome persistent health and development problems" based upon the "need [for] new, game-changing ideas" per a statement in reference to the Challenge offered by Chris Wilson, Director of the Global Health & Translational Science at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this Challenge may revolutionize contraception.

As the largest, private foundation in the world with the most transparent operations ever, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation's dedications to reducing poverty, improving global health, expanding educational opportunities, and increasing access to information technology has transformed the lives of millions since 1994. With a $36 billion dollar endowment as of September 2012, the chances of improving more are incredible. Since the Grand Challenges Explorations initiative began in 2008, over 800 grants have been offered throughout 52 countries.

Anyone interested in joining in the Next Generation Condom Challenge must present their ideas via a proposal and by completing two page application available online before the May 7, 2013 deadline. Other Round 11 Challenge topics include: Increasing Interoperability of Social Good Data in partnership with Liquidnet for Good, "One Health:" Bringing Together Human and Animal Health for New Solutions, Labor Saving Strategies and Innovation for Women Smallholder Farmers, and New Approaches for Detection, Treatment, And Control of Selected Neglected Tropical Disease. Go here to apply .

Take part in the Challenges and perhaps make history in the process!

For more, go to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

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