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Bill Gates Speaks at TED Conference

Bill Gates, cofounder of Microsoft, spoke regarding the issue of climate change at the Technology Entertainment, and Design (TED) Conference held in Long Beach, California from Feb. 11-13. This year's theme was "What the World Needs Now." Gates claims what the world needs most is clean energy as fast as technology can create and employ it.

In his speech, Gates insisted that "spent uranium fuel rods could be converted into clean energy," thereby decreasing global reliance on fossil fuels and yielding "enough power to give the earth energy for the next 100 years." Gates also issued a 2050 deadline for carbon emissions, a "20 year plan to develop alternative energy plans, and 20 years to implement them. Gates also stated that "climate change is a bigger issue than vaccinations" and will have a profound effect on the poor.

In order to prevent looming disaster because of climate change, according to Gates, "what we're going to have to do at a global scale is create a new system... So we need energy miracles."

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