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Bill Gates & Toshiba to Fund Nuclear Reactor

Bill Gates is signed on to fund a nuclear reactor project with Toshiba, Japanese electronics developer. The Microsoft Founder and Toshiba began plans Tuesday to partner and create a compact next generation nuclear powered reactor. Gates is willing to dump billions of his personal funds into the development of the reactor with a focus on TWR, the traveling wave reactor, which uses depleted uranium as fuel. The TWR would operate for 100 years with zero emissions and no need for refueling.

Gates is the primary owner of a Washington State, U.S. based group known as TerraPower which researches emission free energy. TerraPower employs expert teams to develop alternative energy sources and is the forerunner of small scale nuclear reactors to power individual cities or states. TerraFirma and Toshiba are in the preliminary application stage to design the reactor by 2014, for use by 2020.

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