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Bill O'Reilly Renders Wikileaks Traitors, Despicable, Should Be Executed

Bill O'Reilly used his FOX News show The O'Reilly Factor to vent his take on the 250,000 disclosed diplomatic cables. O'Reilly's show aired on Monday, November 29, 2010 just hours after the latest round of Wikileaks went public.

During the broadcast, O'Reilly vehemently rendered the Wikileak organization "despicable," claimed founder Julian Assange and his staff are "traitors" and further recommended execution as a "should be" punishment. Private First Class Bradley Manning allegedly supplied Wikileaks with the disclosures and O'Reilly extended his rant, stating Manning should be sentenced to "life in prison."

Additionally, O'Reilly addressed President Obama's lack of response to the Wikileaks.

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