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Blasts in Mohmand, Pakistan Kills 40, Injures 70

A blast in Mohmand, Pakistan, has killed 40 people and injured 70. The blast occurred in the early hours of Monday in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province per reports from Express TV. A group of tribal elders had gathered in the Mohmand agency district when the explosion occurred. Officials are investigating the cause of the blast as a a pair of suicide bombers are believed to be behind the explosion. Many police officers, civilians, and government officials were injured as a result of the attacks The victims were transported to the Ghanzai hospital after the explosions.

Maqsood Amin, a senior government official in the Mohmand agency reported that one of the bombers, disguised as a police officer, detonated a bomb from inside of the building while the other detonated a second bomb outside of the building's gate. Militants are believed to be behind the attack.

The Pakistani military has helped battle militants and insurgents in Mohmand along the Afghanistan and Pakistan border.

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