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Blizzard Wins $88 Million Suit Against Warcraft Server Owner

Blizzard Entertainment has won a default judgment against the operator of a private server used to run “World of Warcraft.”

Blizzard was responsible for the widely popular “World of Warcraft” MMORPG.

The operator of Scapegaming Alyson Reeves is to pay $88 million to Blizzard Entertainment. Blizzard accused Reeves of copyright infringement, unfair competition and circumvention of copyright protection systems as well as other allegations. Last October, Blizzard filed the suit citing that Reeves was “well aware” that the actions that Scapegaming performed were unauthorized.

Blizzard drew out evidence that showed Scapegaming hosted 32,000 users on a given day in June 2008, and that same month, there were over 427,000 members of the Scapegaming community. Blizzard also showed statement made by Reeve’s in which he said that 40,000 people play on Scapegaming’s servers every day.

A total of $3,052,339 in gross revenues was also uncovered by Blizzard.

Scapegaming allowed users to access “World of Warcraft” without using official Blizzard servers. This circumvented the subscription fees. The court calculated the award by taking into account the number of active users within the Scapegaming community and multiplied that figure by $200 “per act of circumvention.” The award totaled over $3 million in disgorged profits, $85.4 million in statutory damages and $64,000 in attorney fees.

Since Reeves did not respond to the suit, a default judgment for Blizzard was made.


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