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Boccieri & Wilson Vote "Yes" Health Care Bill Closer

Democrats John Boccieri and Charles Wilson, both from Ohio, will vote "Yes" on the health care bill, Boccieri's initial "No" has been changed. Wilson's "Undecided" in November has changed to "Yes," per a press release issued Friday. This pushes the passage of the bill to only need 6 more votes to pass. Boccieri held a press conference in Washington early Friday morning and explained his new vote. He said that he was "very encouraged by the budget results we got" after the Congressional Budget office released a predicted deficit cut of $138 billion in a ten year period if the bill passes. Boccieri led the trend to swap "no" votes for "yes" votes with Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), Betsy Markey (D-Colorado), and Bart Gordon (D-Tennessee) following suit. This is a far cry for a win as many lawmakers who oppose abortion may decide to change their "yes" votes to "no."

The landmark health care bill is the first of its kind to ever be on Washington's agenda since the 1960's. The only bill of such magnitude to ever pass was the Medicare policy enacted in 1965, with medical coverage only extending to the elderly. Democrats insist that over 32 million of America's uninsured Americans will finally be extended coverage if the bill passes. The also assure that medical costs decrease and the federal budget deficit will lessen. Critics maintain otherwise. Republicans claim the bill will cost Americans far more than it is worth. Business groups are frantically lobbying against the bill in anticipation of massive economical ramifications including cost "disadvantages" as well as losing sure holds in the global insurance market.

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