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Body Found on NYC Subway Tracks

A woman's body was found on NYC's subway tracks near a Brooklyn subway station on Sunday. The nearly naked (wearing only black underwear) young woman's "mangled" corpse, and missing a leg, on the tracks. Matt Bencivenga, dispatch manager for a car service company near the Kings Highway station where the woman's body was found, said he: "heard one of the workers screaming on the radio, 'A woman's body on the tracks!' She was all mangled."

Investigators found the woman's body at 3:40 p.m. near a subway culvert 100 feet from The Kings Highway subway station on the N Line in Bensonhurst. The woman was hit by a subway train, lost her prosthetic leg recovered feet from her body and was missing her hands as they were severed from her body by the oncoming train. Authorities believe the incident was a suicide and that no foul play was to blame.

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