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Bollywood Musician Bappi Lahiri Rocks Dubai!

Bappi Lahiri is reaching new heights of fame when it comes to music. Success and popularity are nothing new to the Bollywood music director who was at the top in the 1980’s and is said to have pioneered the disco music in India. Performing at the Mirchi Nite Club in Dubai, Bappi Lahiri along with fellow musician DJ Akhil Talreja rocked the stage and the crow went crazy.
Delivering an encore performance after the solos and duets, Bappi Lahiri was doing excellently with the crowd cheering him on and tapping their feet in sync. In addition to performing in concerts and stage shows both domestically and internationally, Bappi Lahiri is going to make an appearance in the upcoming production by Sony TV called as “Hamari Baat hai Pak”.
The basic ingredient which made the performances superb at the Mirchi Nite Club in Dubai was the grooving numbers and marvelous remixing done by DJ Akhil Talreja which perfectly complemented the voice and rhythm of Bappi Lahiri. The crowd loved the performances by both the musicians. The event ended with the two signing autographs for the fans gathered near the stage. Bappi Lahiri is a wonderful musician and you can easily access his famous numbers on the internet.

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