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Bomb Explodes at Swiss Embassay in Rome

A package delivered to the mail room of the Swiss Embassay exploded on around 12:)) p.m. local time on Thursday. Officials report one man was injured as a result of the explosion. The embassy employee suffered serious wounds to his hands upon opening a parcel containing a bomb.

Authorities are investigating the incident as the location is home to many foreign embassies. Maurizio Messavilla, the spokesman for Italy's paramilitary police, the Carabinieri, reported to local media: "The ambassador is still on site, the embassy has not been evacuated." Messavilla furthered that a bomb disposal team was at the location looking for other explosives.

Franco Frattini, Italy's Foreign Minister, condemned the bombing in a statement following the incident. Mr. Frattini said: "We express our full solidarity with the Swiss ambassador and with all of the personnel of this diplomatic representation, which has been the target of a deplorable act of violence that deserves our strongest condemnation."

Presently, no group or individual have stepped forward claiming responsibility for the explosion.

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