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Bp Weighs Tony Hayward's Job as Ceo

BP weighs Tony Hayward's job as CEO.  In a board meeting scheduled for the evening of Monday, July 26, 2010, BP officials will determine "management changes" within the oil company responsible for the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill.  Speculation abounds that BP will offer Hayward a massive severence package and will make an unamed successor public. 

The board meeting has been scheduled one day before second quarter shares are reported and just days from the completion of an oil relif well expected assist in Gulf clean up efforts.  BP representatives will not confirm or deny Hayward's "resignation."    Managing Director Bob Dudley is expected to succeed Hayward as Dudley has been handling daily operations for BP since June.  Iain Conn is also a speculated replacement for Hayward as CEO.  Conn is a marketing executive already serving on BP's board of directors.  Despite the years of exerpeince behind Hayward's successor, the job is a massive undertaking of gargantuan proportions.

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