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Bret Michaels Files $5 Million Lawsuit Against Concert Promoter

Bret Michaels arrived at Syracuse, New York, two weeks ago to perform a concert, and found out that the gig had been postponed without his knowledge.
The rocker, infuriated by the incident, has just filed a $5 million lawsuit against the concert promoter who allegedly claimed that the show didn't happen because Michaels was going to appear on TV instead.
At the same time the "Celebrity Apprentice" winner was scheduled to perform in Syracuse, he appeared on NBC's “America’s Got Talent.” But the TV show had actually been taped, making it possible for Michaels to arrive for his concert.
On Monday, Michaels sued Michael Banks and Aloha Events for breaching his contract and exposing him to public contempt and ridicule with allegedly defamatory statements about his schedule.
According to the complaint filed in U.S. District Court in New York, Michaels was set to perform in Syracuse on August 5, and he says that although he was not paid his first 10% deposit nor a second 40% deposit, he arrived to perform as scheduled.
Banks has blamed the postponement on a conflicting TV appearance by Michaels, and that fans refunded their tickets when they found out about it from a local news outlet.
But Michaels thinks that the concert promoter backed out because of financial issues. He told New York's WSYR-TV, "You don't just go: 'Hey I don't feel like paying anybody.' I think with a guy like Mike, he bit off more than he could chew."
Michaels will be going to court with his lawsuit in which he asserts $75,000 in breach of contract damages, and at least $5 million for Banks' allegedly defamatory statements.
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