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Brett Favre Goat Found in Car Trunk

The workers at Tires Plus in Winona, Minn., got a surprise when they found a “Brett Favre goat” in a woman’s car trunk this past weekend.

The incident started with a broken serpentine belt and a driver stopping in for a repair.

The woman was told the fix would take an hour but before she left she had something to share.

“By the way,” James Prusi recalls the woman saying, “There’s a goat in my trunk.”

Prusi told USA Today,“She said she was going to butcher the goat.”

It wasn’t until the goat started “crying” that the workers decided to investigate.

Under the lid they found the goat’s feet tied together. It was painted purple and gold and on each of the goat’s sides was a shaved Brett Favre number four.

Workers called animal control, which arrived along with police. Officers removed the goat from the trunk and questioned the woman.

The case will be turned over to the Winona city attorney for possible animal cruelty charges.

As of Monday evening, the goat was making his home in Packers country on a farm with Duane and Carlene Schultz.

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