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Bright Automotive Is a Hybrid Electric Car Startup Company

Bright Automotive is an Indiana based automobile company that is leading the pack in a new generation of automobile manufacturers.

While the country deals with the failure of the big Detroit automakers like GM and Chrysler and their inability to adapt, it's small startup companies like Bright Automotive that are stepping in to fill their shoes.

Bright Automotive led by famed CEO John Waters and is building a new fleet of energy efficient, electric and plugin-electric hybrid cars. Waters was responsible for the battery pack system used in GMs Ev1 electric vehicle.

The new vehicle is scheduled for a 4th Quarter release in 2012 and is planned to achieve 30 miles on an electric charge and 400 total miles.

Interestingly, Bright Automotive has a loose connection with Google. Google funded the research institute that eventually gave birth to Bright Automative.

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