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British Kickboxer Murders American Hero Dashawn Longfellow in Thailand

 The favorite US Marine of the American nation, Dashawn Longfellow was vacationing in Phuket, Thailand and learning Thai boxing which led him to get murdered. According to the Thai Police, the suspect in the murder of Dashawn Longfellow is the British Kick boxer, Lee Aldhouse, who apparently followed him to his hotel room and stabbed him multiple times in the chest, killing him in the process.

According to the official statement of the witnesses, the kick boxer Lee Aldhouse and Dashawn Longfellow got into a fight in the barroom and had to be separated from each other by other men. Lee Aldhouse has been known for getting really drunk, picking random fights and claiming that he’s invincible. He blocked the way of Dashawn Longfellow when then US marine started towards the bathroom.

The Phuket Gazette says that Dashawn Longfellow left the bar with his Thai Girlfriend and went to a convenience store to get some stuff. He was ambushed outside his hotel room and stabbed in the chest by Lee Aldhouse. The girlfriend was looking on, shocked into silence. Her statement says that initially the two engaged in a fish fight, following which Aldhouse took out a knife and stabbed Dashawn Longfellow. 


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