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Britney Spears Parents Reconciliation Thwarts Conservatorship Escape

Pop star Britney spears is apparently bummed that her once estranged parents are in the process of a reconciliation. Reports from the National Enquirer maintain that Spears was hoping to finesse her way out of the court ordered supervision administered by her father, Jamie, but is pretty sure now that her mother, Lynne, is reunited with her dad, her conservatorship escape route has been thwarted.

A source dished to Enquirer: "Britney feels completely betrayed. Britney used to be able to confide to Lynne about all of the problems she had with her father. Lynne gave Britney hope that she could get out of the conservatorship and be on her own again. She even promised to speak to Britney's doctors and lawyers on her behalf. Now Britney realized Lynne was going behind her back and telling Jamie everything she said."

To further Spears' agony, it's been speculated that Lynne is only seeking to reconcile her marriage with Jamie to get her claws in Britney's fortune. Jamie earns a whopping $160,000 per month as Britney's conservator, and it seems Lynne wants a piece of the pie.

Poor Brit. If it's not one thing, it's your mother.

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