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Brooke Taflinger Exposes Pedophile USA Swim Team Coach

Brooke Taflinger exposes a pedophile USA Swim team coach. Brian Hindson allegedly recorded many of the girls USA Swim Team as they undressed by hiding a camera in the girls locker rooms. Taflinger bravely stepped forward to report Hindson to authorities.

Taflinger was one of those dozens girls unknowingly filmed in the locker room. She made her story public in 2008 after she was victimized by Hindson. At the time of Hindson's arrest, he had multiple recordings of the teens on his home computer. When Hindson sold his computer on ebay, he neglected to erase his hard drive. When the purchaser discovered the recordings, the computer was immediately handed over to the FBI. The FBI followed up with a search of Hindson's home in Kokomo, Indiana. There they found volumes of locker room footage and a collection of child pornography.

Police reports maintain that "this had gone on for nearly 10 years, without any per Lieutenant Don Whitehead of Kokomo, Indiana's police cyber crime unit. Hindson was later tried and sentenced with 33 years in a federal prison.

This is not the first case of such disturbing actions. Thirty five known sex offenders have been identified and banned from coaching USA swim teams for "sexual misconduct," including secretly taping young girls as they were nude in showers and locker rooms. Many of the coaches also molested and abused scores of swimmers.

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