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Brown Bear Free Car Wash

If your looking to get a free car wash today is the day. Over at Brown Bear Car Wash a national chain of car washes they are celebrating their 52nd anniversary with free car washes for all customers.
Let's hope it doesn't rain.

"Brown Bear Car Wash, among the 50 largest conveyor carwash chains in the United States, will celebrate its 52nd anniversary with free carwashes this Thursday, Aug. 27.
The Aug. 24 release said the company will offer the free “Bear Essential” washes from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. at all of its automatic tunnel locations in the Puget Sound area. Customers can visit the company’s website for a complete list of participating washes.
Over the last four years, the Seattle-based company has washed a total of 53,623
cars for free on their annual free carwash day held each August." via Car

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