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Brunswick Georgia Trailer Park Murders

In a bizarre case of mass murder in a Brunswick Georgia Trailer Park 8 people were murdered and a 9th is in critical care in a local hospital's ICU. The people who found them Guy Heinze has been arrested on unrelated drug charges.

No information is known about suspects at this time and the police are offering 25,000 dollars for information leading to the arrest and conviction of a suspect.

"Georgia police Monday appealed for help in solving the murders of eight people killed in mysterious circumstances in a US trailer park, offering 25,000 dollars to aid the killer's arrest.
The reward was posted as a dramatic recording of the 911 call early Saturday alerting emergency services to the killings was released to the public.
"My whole family's dead, my dad's dead," wailed Guy Heinze, 22, after his neighbor in the Brunswick, Georgia, trailer park called 911. Heinze said he had just got home from work to make the gruesome discovery, frantically crying "it's a murder scene."
Asked by the emergency services he said his uncle and cousins were also in the trailer, according to the recording posted on the Brunswick News daily website.
Heinze, who gave no details of how his relatives were killed, was arrested Sunday on drug-related charges, and police have said he is not as yet a suspect.
"The person(s) responsible for the murder of eight persons that occurred on Aug 29 in the New Hope Mobile Home Park remains unknown to the county police," police said Monday, confirming the death toll had risen from seven.
The eighth victim was identified as 19-year-old Michael Toler, who Heinze had found alive in the trailer at the mobile home park, south of Savannah."

Source: AP News

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