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Buffalo News: Restaurant Shooting Leaves 5 Dead

 According to the Buffalo News, 8 men were shot outside the City Grill Restaurant in Buffalo early Saturday Morning. It is extremely unfortunate that 5 people who got shot lost their lives. The remaining 3 were rushed to the hospital and are under observation, receiving medical care. The massacre, as per Buffalo News Channel, has left the locals stunned and grieving for the ones who lost their lives.

Included in the victims of the Buffalo massacre was a man who came to Buffalo from Texas in order to celebrate his wedding anniversary. According to the statement of Dennis Richards, the Chief of Detectives, the 230 years old man travelled to Buffalo with his wife of one year to celebrate their anniversary with loved ones at the restaurant.

An unidentified man has been arrested by the Buffalo Police Department along with the SWAT Team in relation to the shooting outside the City Grill Restaurant. The restaurant was hosting the wedding reception for the couple. The timing of the shooting has been identified as 2:30 am.

The victims of the shooting have not been identified as yet. The police has not issued a formal statement citing the cause of the blind shooting that claimed 5 lives and left 3 severely wounded.

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