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Bugs Bunny to Return to the Big Screen

Animation icon Bugs Bunny is coming back to big screens in a live action/CGI hybrid reboot, courtesy of Warner Bros. this season. Although there is no producer attached to the project yet, writer David Berenbaum (writer of movie “Elf”) is signed on to write.

Warner Bros. has been taking a more restrained stance on reusing its old characters, making the words “live action/CGI reboot of beloved cartoon” understandable. Warner Bros. recently produced a trio of Road Runner cartoon which were fairly traditional.

 Berenbaum wrote the scripts for other projects that have been very good, including “Elf,” and “The Spiderwick Chronicles.”

The last movie with the famous rabbit “Space Jam,” which starred Michael Jordan and a Looney Tunes crossover was a big success at the theaters. But “Looney Tunes: Back In Action” was a big disappointment by the studios.

Looney Tunes created the stage for the smart, inventive animated comedy that became increasingly popular in recent years.


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