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Roland Burris May Not Run for Senate in 2010

Senator Roland Burris who is currently serving the remaining years of President Barack Obama's term, may announce on Friday that he doesn't intend to contest for a full six year term next year.

Burris' office released a press advisory Thursday stating that people should expect a major announcement during his speech in Chicago on Friday afternoon. Burris has been under fire since the then Governor Rod Blagojevich appointed him to the seat which was left vacant after Obama's election. However, Blagojevich was later arrested for corruption charges for trying to auction Obama's seat and was subsequently removed from office.

Since then, Burris had been under constant scrutiny. His appointment was made against the wishes of his fellow Democratic leaders and it is likely that they won't back him for a full six year term. And without their support, it would be definitely a very difficult campaign to run.

There are still no confirmed candidates who would replace Burris. Some Democrats like the Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias and Chicago Urban League President Cheryle Jackson are reportedly looking to run for the seat but they haven't made any formal announcements so far.

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