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Cal Expo Fair Bandits, Pregnant Cow Shot

Cal Expo fair bandits steal $100,000 cash and a pregnant cow was shot in two separate incidents.  On Wednesday July 17, 2010 just before closing, California Exposition and State Fair officials confirmed that two armed men, suspected to be employees of a food vendor, dressed in costumes and armed with handguns entered a cash counting room and left with a bag of over $100,000 dollars cash.  Authorties are still looking for the suspects believed to be at large.  No guards, police officers, or video surveillence captured the incident.  Officials believe it fair employees who knew closing procedures are to blame.

On Tuesday, July 27, 2010 an agitated, pregnant, 1,200 pound dairy cow escaped her confines, threatened to harm officers, and was shot after a 1 1/2 hour long pursuit.  The cow and her calf did not survive the shooting which occurred before a crowd of horrified spectators, including children. 

UC Davis veterinarians were unloading the cow set to give birth before a crowd of fair-goers as part of the Livestock Nursery Program.  The cow managed to escape twice before running 500 yards toward a tunnel connected to the midway, per Brian May deputy general manager of Cal Expo. May estimated nearly 10,000 employees and visitors were at the fair when the cow made tried to manuveur a third escape.  Officials decided to shoot the cow rather than risk harm to people at the fair grounds. 

The Cal Expo fair began July 14, 2010 and ends August 1, 2010. 

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