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California Hit With Hurricane Force Winds and Cold Temperatures

Residents in California were subjected to hurricane force winds and unusually cold temperatures per reports from the National Weather service. At Whitaker Peak at 3:57 a.m. Thursday, the NWS measured winds at a rate of 94 mph. The NWS has issued wind warnings for the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys until mid-day Thursday.

The NWS also issued a statement that the wind has caused icy conditions that will impede travel and "continue to bring dangerous winter weather conditions to many areas throughout California along Interstate 5 and at mountain passes. Officials report that toppled trees along the 710 Freeway, as well as interchanges of Freeways 110 and 101, and Freeways 5 and 101.

Temperatures in downtown Los Angeles plunged to 49 degrees and were reported at 19 degrees at Mt. Wilson. Wind gusts in surrounding areas were measured at Whitaker Peak as 81 mph, San Fernando as 71 mph, and Santa Clarita as 61 mph.

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