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Cape Wind Project Approved by Feds

A Cape Wind project has been approved by feds. The first offshore windfarm has just been approved by the United States government after nine long years of intense debate and political argument. Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior, made the official announcement from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, on Wednesday, April 28, 2010. Plans to install 130 turbines capable of supporting 450 megawatts of electricity at the cost of $900 million dollars within Nantucket Sound has created fierce opposition from political groups. Prominent families like the Kennedy's, who have a personal interest in the targeted area, as well as politicians from 6 east coast states claim the wind farm would "mar" the pristine beauty of the area. The Kennedy family has owned a compound coined "Hyannis Port" in Hyannis, Massachusetts, since 1928.

Politicians hope that the Cape Wind project will solve the present U.S. energy crisis. The project was inspired by many European nations who utilize offshore turbines to generate hundreds of megawatts of power. In depth studies have projected that the United States could potentially harness all of it's energy needs through offshore winds.

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