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Captain Holly Graf U.S. Navy, Under Investigation

Captain Holly Graf, of the United States Navy, is under investigation following reports that she was physically and verbally abusive toward her subordinates. The official Navy investigation is occuring at Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan, following five to eight complaints filed against Graf. The former USS Cowpens skipper is facing charges regarding: breach of ethics, use of office for personal gain, dereliction of duty, verbal assault, and physical assault per a Navy Inspector General's report received by Stars and Stripes on Friday. The report contained 50 pages of testimony from crewmembers that was full of "expletives" used by Graf, including "Don't come to me with your problems, you’re a [expletive] department head,” as well as threats: “I can’t express how mad you make me without getting violent,” and even Graf's frequent use of the phrase “What are you, [expletive] stupid?”

Graf was found guilty of two Uniform Code of Military Justice charges on January 13, 2010 and released from duty. The charges included conduct unbecoming of an officer and cruelty and maltreatment charges. Graf also reportedly lacked respect for formal chain of command policies, frequently berated officers and senior ranked chief petty officers.

Graf has declined interviews in relation to the multiple incidents related to her misconduct. She remains stationed at Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan, while waiting for transit to her next post at the Navy Air and Missile Defense Command in Dahlgren, Virginia reported spokesman Commander Jeff Davis of the Navy's Seventh Fleet.

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