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Carlie Beck Cheerleading Coach Is Carlie Christine Playboy Model

Carlie Beck, a high school cheerleading coach in California was firedwhen it was discovered that she posed nude online for Playboy.

Teachers and students made the discovery and told the principal. It is suspected that Carlie was outed by a group of disgruntled students who did not make the squad. Apparently many students had known for awhile that Carlie Beck and Carlie Christine of Playboy are the same person, but weren't bothered by it.

She actually did her work with Playboy before starting as a coach, and claims that she said during her interview as coach that she had previously worked as a model. And it seems that she was well liked by the students, because a group of cheerleaders protested her firing at the school and told local news that she was a great coach. Parents are divided between agreeing with the school board and supporting Carlie.

Carlie says she is disappointed that she cannot continue coaching, but will continue to work as a model.

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