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Carmine Persico Witness to Bernie Madoff Assault

Carmine Persico may have watched Bernie Madoff's assault. The former Columbian drug lord reportedly has spent a lot of time with his fellow inmate Bernie Madoff. Though prison authorities will not reveal the identity of the man who allegedly beat and injured Bernie Madoff during a prison scuffle on December 18th, a scandalous cover up may be on its way to being exposed.

In December, guards reported that though Madoff initially denied the assault, Madoff's injuries stood testimony to the contrary. The Wall Street Journal maintains that three inside sources confirmed the assault. Madoff was removed from general prison population and treated for broken ribs, a fractured nose, and multiple lacerations to his face, as well as complaints of dizziness and hypertension, at the facility's medical center. Guards believe the assault was based on Madoff's debt to Persico. Persico may have sent a reportedly a "muscular man" with a white belt in Judo and serving jail time for a drug conviction to settle Madoff's debt. The Bureau of Prison insists that "not one inmate has told staff he [Madoff] was assaulted" per a spokeswoman, regarding the assault and ensuing investigation.

Madoff is serving a 150 year sentence at a North Carolina prision for pulling off the biggest Ponzi scheme ever, at the price of an estimated $20 billion dollars.

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