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Carrie Underwood & Husband Mike Fisher to Build Dream House in Canada

After a month of marriage, a source tell the Us Weekly that country music sweetheart Canada isn’t an All-American girl – she is leaving Nashville for Ontario where her hockey-player husband, Mike Fisher, is stationed with the Ottawa Senators.

"They're building a new house in Ottawa. She wants to spend as much time there with him as possible," says the source.

"Mike's great with interior design. The house should be finished in a month or so. They'll probably be in it by September."

Fisher gushed about their love for Canada and Ottawa too in an interview. He said settling   into domestic life shouldn't be a problem.

"I love it here in Ottawa. She likes it, she knows how much I like it," 30-year-old Fisher told Canada's CTV in July. "Home is where we are, so let's make this home."

The new house may be the start for the couple to have children too.

“I know Mike loves kids," says the source. "They were joking at the wedding about how many kids they'll have. He wants more than she does!"

After having a lavish wedding on July 10 in Georgia, 27-year-old Underwood changed her last name to Fisher, but will "still be Carrie Underwood” professionally, the source revealed. 


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